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Date of Last Revision: July 20, 04, 2019.

We do our best to keep 2048tournament.com safe, but we cannot guarantee it.

General rules of the website.

This platform has multi-cultural and multi-religious visitors. Each and every visitor can have its vision and opinion. We have designed general rules for the visitors and any actions against the rules will cause the visitor to banned from the website.

By visiting the website you agree with the following rules. The most important rule is to be respectful towards each other


  1. Placing ads, spam messages and the content alike is strictly forbidden and will also cause forever ban. For the partnership offers you can contact us.
  2. Don’t collect users’ private content or information using bots, robots, spiders, or scrapers.
  3. Any sensitive speech including but not limited to hate, racism, politics, religion is against our rules and will cause forever ban. Our moderators monitor the user-generated content but if you have any concerns please contact us.
  4. Don’t create more than one personal profile, if we will detect, all accounts will be blocked.


  1. Don’t play with multiple accounts. If we will detect, we will block all accounts.
  2. Don’t ask for passwords of other users.

With these rules kept the experience in the platform will be convenient for every visitor, check and find maid service in palm beach county.

Thank you.